Monday, October 15, 2012

Roy Cary and The Rocky Mountain Ramblers

Listen to a sample of "You're the Only World I Know"

Another puzzler.  Here's what I have on this country/hillbilly-vibe gem:

"You're The Only World I Know" / "Roll On Buddy" (RDC 6691).

Was able to date the band as late as 1970, with two references to this group in the Greeley newspaper, (headliners for a local dance).

Discovered that a musician named Roy Cary was born in 1928, and passed away in 1979, in Denver. Found a reference to another Roy Cary, also from Denver (born in 1919), who was paralyzed due to polio.  That Roy Cary played the accordion.

Found this random picture of the Rocky Mountain Ramblers, but nothing else associated with it. Quite possible that it's an Ohio/Pennsylvania/Indiana-based group of the same name.  No date.

I did see a reference of another single by Roy Cary and the Rocky Mountain Ramblers, "Standing at the End of My World" / "Lazy Day," (JSP 6672).

Listen to a sample of "Roll On Buddy."

In spite of the mysteries, Roy and the Rocky Mountain Ramblers live on in the 1994 rockabilly CD comp Honkin' Billy, where you will find "Roll on Buddy" included.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Skiing The Rockies

Skiing The Rockies
(GrAMM SKI1001 - 1974)

Side One:
Park City
Jackson Hole

Side Two:
Crested Butte
Winter Park
Steamboat Springs

I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't know how to ski.

Well actually, I've attempted to ski three times. In each attempt, it was a miracle I didn't break anything, or worse.

So I now get my thrills watching Warren Miller DVDs, or the winter Olympics, from the comfort of my couch, and live vicariously through those with more athletic ability than I.

From the folks at the Great American Music Machine (GrAMM) out of Denver, Skiing The Rockies is a collection of songs about...skiing the Rockies.

Recorded at Summit Studios in Denver the LP features the GrAMM duo of Ralph Harrison and Tim Schumacher (you'll see those names more than a few times in this blog, as they were pretty prolific).

All of these songs are pretty mainstream, and sound like instant jingles for each resort.  I guess in an attempt to appeal to a wide audience, they're all pretty generic.  Not a whole heck of a lot of personality here.

Listen to a sample of "Aspen"

This album is a very special and exciting collection of outstanding original musical works reflecting the living image, mood and personality of eleven of the world's greatest skiing areas! You will quickly recognize the brilliant work of the artist group as they portray for you, the beauty and excitement of this High Western Land! - Liner notes

Listen to a sample of "Breckenridge"

Lots of names credited on this album, including Margaret Andersen, Ralph Harrison, Rich Currans, Doug McKee, Craig Donaldson, Tim Schumacher, Connie Ellisor, and Dean Tellefson.