Sunday, December 1, 2013


Take a listen to this record ("Coming Together" and the flip "Surrender").

Any guesses on the year? Go ahead, guess.
If you were like me, I was thinking late 1960s, with the Byrdsy guitar and the folky psych vibe.

I was so wrong.

The group Brownstone recorded this ridiculously catchy albeit head scratcher in (wait for it) 1987.

Yeah, I know.  Crazy, huh?

I'm sure someone will enlighten me on the history of this single.  Recorded at Reel Art, I contacted the folks at Aardvark, where it was mastered, and nary a word.  Only other hints are J. Casados and R. Valdez.


  1. Nice record. There was a Byrds-esque revival of sorts in the 80s. The Rain Parade and Dream Academy are two examples.

  2. this record was recorded and issued in 1987 by a young man named
    Richard Valdez. The song was co-written by Richard and John Casados.
    Richard also wrote a number of very nice songs of which I personally had
    the pleasure of either recording myself or having a hand in helping him to
    record them. Sadly, he was killed in a automobile wreck a few years ago
    while he was on his way back home from a day of gambling in Centeral
    City and nothing else of his was ever issued. I'll send his son Josh your
    email address so he can contact you with more information.

    Willie L.