Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dead Silence - the guys who had the name first...


Apparently there are (were) not one, but two Colorado bands going by Dead Silence.

This post is about the first one, formed in 1980 (Ken Just, Brooke Besser, Perry Gragas, and E.D. Meyers). They were only together about five years, but made quite an impression on the harder edge local music scene. Bummer they only released one single.

 Sample of "Can't Stop"
(DSR 001/ 1984)

Looks like they're still in business, with a CDBaby page of never-to-vinyl songs available.

Good stuff. Dig in, but don't hurt your neck.

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  1. Hello. This is Brooke (Brook) Besser from Dead Silence. You can listen to full versions of 13 originals at:

    Unfortunately this was one of our last endeavors before our drummer left and the band fell apart. Unfortunately back in those days we didn't have MP3s, YouTube and downloadable music. We shopped the 45 around but most record companies would not even listen to it. We had drum tracks down and put together the other 11 songs after we split up.

    I still have some copies of the original 45s.

    If you want to contact me for any reason send a message through the Dead Silence Facebook page.