Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Radio Show Episode 2

Thanks for listening!
If you missed the show, have no fear - you can listen again Sunday at 9pm (MT).
Can't wait?  Here's the link on SoundCloud.

On with the show...

The Ballad of John Elway
Fulcrums Image
World Records

The Bronco Fan
Deke Adams
Gold Coin Records 4957

Make Those Miracles Happen
Jon Keyworth
Cartay 323232

Trish Kinney
Soft Restraints
Self Titled
Grand Lady 1609

Debra Lewis
The Crime
Trading Time
Soundmark 976

Jennie Rylatt
A Dream and a Little Magic
No label/label number

NORAD Commanders
Hot Pants
Up Tight
Ballads and Brass
No label/label number

NORAD Commanders
Something Gold Something New
No label/ 70252

The Lazy B Wranglers
Southern Colorado
High Among the Colorado Rockies
The Lazy B Wranglers Sing Show Songs
TJ 476 (1976)

The Lazy B Wranglers
Colorado (LP)
197890 (1978)

Featuring Michael Harp - vocals
Jesus is Coming
God is So Real
John Law Enterprises 4105

Flounder DelRay
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Colorado That John Denver Forgot to Tell You
Aanco 58201

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