Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Radio Show Episode 5

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Here's what you heard on this week's episode of North of Pueblo:

Dance with Me – 1:57
The Hectics
360 Twist label

Dance with Me, Baby – 2:22
Jon Keyworth
Cartay label

Play Me Something I Can Dance To – 3:19
White Pine
White Pine label

Now is the Hour
Giuseppe’s Fabulous Delray’s - 2:56
Band Box

Funny How Time Slips Away – 3:05
Larry Steele
Air Stream

Time to Hurt Again- 2:23
Donna Harris

Money Is to Burn 
Elba Corporation

Pay Day – 1:42
Fall River Wranglers

She’s Worth a Million to Me – 2:51
Ace Ball
Okeh 78 rpm

Lennon McCartney Medley – 4:40
Canon City High School

Terry Canady with Rudy Perez – 2:37
Lady Madonna
Initial Records label

Here There and Everywhere – 3:06
NORAD Commanders

Western Colorado – 2:44
Chris Holloway

No Tango in Durango – 3:00
Ernie Kemm

Going Home
Mary Therese Karlinger
D. Chief Eagle’s Winter Count – 2:29

Colorado – 2:32
Emanon Majority

Freeway of Love – 3:45
US Air Force Academy Band

Walking in the King’s Highway 1:37
Hillcrest Baptist Church, Arvada

Pray for Me, I Drive Academy – 2:00
George Whitesell

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