Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Radio Show Episode 9

For show airing December 2 and 6, 2015
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Blow the Shofar, Blow
Cantor Maurice Weiss

Horse and Rider / Rabbi Song
International Singers

BMH Congregation – Grant Peace/Sim Shalom

Attention K-Mart Shoppers
Joe Sockit and the Wrenches

Plastic Money
Mary Flower

Love is a Gift
Trish Kinney

Jesus Was a Capricorn / Me and Bobby McGee
Bob Tolar

Janis Won’t Be Here Anymore
Randy Loyd

Rock and Roll is our Communication
The Styros

Come On
Bo’l Weevils

Last Day of the Carnival
Rich Mouser

Automobile Gal
Johnnie Dwyer

Two Eyes, Two Lips and But No Heart
Carl Thorn and his Saddle Pals

You Two Timed One Time Too Often
Will Graves

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