Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Radio Show Episode 4

This week was the Halloween episode - Colorado songs with scary (or scary implied) titles. Fun show.

Here's what you heard:


FAB Company


Voices in the Night
The Crew (2009 blog entry)


Jimmy Key


Ghost Riders in the Sky
The Lang Brothers


Go Down You Murderers
Walt Conley


Bride Dressed in Black
Tyrone Kelly


Poison Red Berries
Eddie Eldon (2009 blog entry)

The Magic
The Bo'l Weevils


Magic Eyes
Chance (2009 blog entry)


Black Night Has Fallen 
Strange Cargo (2009 blog entry)


Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail
Flying W Wranglers


Cabello Diablo
Common People


Zombie Jig
Neil Feather, John Sheehan and Patrick Bowers


Flamingo Plus (2012 blog entry)

Search for Bridey Murphy
Promotional 45

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Radio Show Episode 3

Thanks for listening! If you missed the show, have no fear, you can listen again Sunday at 9pm (MT). Can't wait? Here's the link on SoundCloud.

On with the show...

A Song for Colorado 
John Meislahn
Tundra Records 

All songs taken from the LP Springs Music  
(2013 blog entry w/ pictures of the bands)

Weekend Warrior
The Heroes

Mixed Feelings

Falling in Love Again
Light Kraft

Utah Sky

Two Mules and 100 Miles
Glenda Roberts Band

Sycamore Street
Loco Pony

Sleeping with My Pride Tonight
Mountain Flyer

I Remember You
Pete Howard Band 

Saga of CB Fever 
BC Cameron 

The Aged Dog 
Mark Morris Associates - Denver 

In the Mood 
Cindy Bertram and her Band  (2014 blog entry)

Salute to Daddy Bruce 
Success with Ron Franklin 
Success Records 70017

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Radio Show Episode 2

Thanks for listening!
If you missed the show, have no fear - you can listen again Sunday at 9pm (MT).
Can't wait?  Here's the link on SoundCloud.

On with the show...

The Ballad of John Elway
Fulcrums Image
World Records

The Bronco Fan
Deke Adams
Gold Coin Records 4957

Make Those Miracles Happen
Jon Keyworth
Cartay 323232

Trish Kinney
Soft Restraints
Self Titled
Grand Lady 1609

Debra Lewis
The Crime
Trading Time
Soundmark 976

Jennie Rylatt
A Dream and a Little Magic
No label/label number

NORAD Commanders
Hot Pants
Up Tight
Ballads and Brass
No label/label number

NORAD Commanders
Something Gold Something New
No label/ 70252

The Lazy B Wranglers
Southern Colorado
High Among the Colorado Rockies
The Lazy B Wranglers Sing Show Songs
TJ 476 (1976)

The Lazy B Wranglers
Colorado (LP)
197890 (1978)

Featuring Michael Harp - vocals
Jesus is Coming
God is So Real
John Law Enterprises 4105

Flounder DelRay
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Colorado That John Denver Forgot to Tell You
Aanco 58201

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Radio Show Episode 1

 Hey blog readers!

I'm thrilled to announce that the North of Pueblo blog is now a weekly radio show, heard on KCMJ in Colorado Springs, Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. (MT), and replayed Sundays at 9:00 p.m. (MT), via Tunein radio, and soon on the local airwaves on 93.9 FM.  Archived shows will be available on Soundcloud.

I'll be using this space to post the weekly let's get on with the show:


No Credit
RB 115

People Need a Beat
Fabulous Raindrops
Infal IN-147

Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
Captain and the Red Hot Flames
Red Hot U-16774

Week-End Hippie
Fran Feese and Associates
Premiere (Western Cine) P-2218

Broadway up in Heaven
Forca ST-13-2906

Narrow Gauge Line
Durango D-101

My Kickin’ Kangaroo
Lamarie Jordan and the Flying W Wranglers
Gun Smoke KCMS 1194

Where the Sun is Always Shining
Johnny Neill Orchestra
Walco - WC 62(A)

The Arkansas  Valley is Calling

Centennial Where the Rockies Meet the Plains
Pete Smythe with Walt Shrum and his Westernaires
CPM 10-1292

Move Mountain (You Got It)
Evolution 1028

Indian Man
Elmwood 6076

Lloyd Shaw and Fred Bergin
Lloyd Shaw Recordings 107

Toy Shop – Soldiers and Trains
RE 101

All I Have to do is Dream
Rinx 426 (B)

This Weary Road
Satan’s Got A Way

Life is a Wonderful Thing
Dave Krane
Kinney Recording Service

We Love You Colorado Springs
Unknown (First National Bank of Colorado Springs)