Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day courtesy of Dick Lamm

Hey all, given that today is Earth Day, I thought I would dig out this very obscure ecology recording, featuring then-Colorado House of Representative, and later Colorado Governor, Richard Lamm.

Elected in 1964, Lamm was an early leader of the environmental movement, and was President of the First National Conference on Population and the Environment. In 1972, as a member of the Colorado General Assembly, Lamm led the movement against Denver's hosting of the 1976 Winter Olympics. Denver had already been awarded the games, but the movement succeeded in cutting off public funding for the games, forcing the city to cancel its hosting. Innsbruck, Austria replaced Denver as the host. Lamm's successful effort made him known statewide.

He was elected governor in 1974.

 In 1984, his outspoken statements in support of physician-assisted suicide generated controversy, specifically over his use of the phrase "we have a duty to die."  His dire predictions for the future of social security and health care ("duty to die") earned him the nickname "Governor Gloom."

No clue when this LP was produced (pressed on the Ecology label).  According to a 1975 Billboard article, Lamm said the LP was used as a fundraiser for his legislative campaign, so it was released before 1974. Besides the spoken word numbers, narrated by Lamm, there are a few lo-fi folk songs by Colorado Music Hall of Fame inductee Harry Tuft, plus Dick Weissman, Ed Trickett, and Jan Hannah (her first vinyl appearance) and includes a cover of Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall."


Lamm was elected Colorado governor three times. When he left office in 1987, after three terms and twelve years in the office, he was the longest-serving governor in state history (his successor, Roy Romer, matched this record).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Black Canyon Gang - Ridin' High (1974)

Yeah, yeah, it's 4/20 and everyone is diggin' out their stoner songs...

Thought I would play one from the fantastic mellow Colorado country LP, Ridin' High "(featuring the finest in Colorado Country head music)," from the Black Canyon Gang.

(yes, that's how Acapulco is spelled in the title--
no need to send me a typo correction)

The Black Canyon Gang (Montrose/Olathe area brothers, Bill Bland Austin and Russell Austin, Robert Dale Mount, Bart Lyons and Paul Hunter) signed on with promoter Dick Woods, who worked extensively with Gladys Hart, the Colorado country music promotions queen. According to a 1975 issue of Billboard, Woods purchased Mountain Records from Ethel and Steve Mengee. The story goes on to report that Woods also signed Mike Bowman and Dick Kerns to his new label, along with the Black Canyon Gang. The LP was recorded at Viking Studios, in Denver.

In 1974, the band was on the bill for the first annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

Categorized as singer/songwriter "hippybilly," the Black Canyon Gang made a resurgence this year, when the band's song "Lonesome City" appeared on the Numero Group compilation, Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music.

According to the liner notes: "The Black Canyon Gang were a group of farm hands who simply enjoyed making music together: “The boys spent afternoons playing music, hunting rodents, drinking beer and smoking herb." As Black Canyon Gang vocalist and electric guitarist Russell Austin reflects on that decade, he recalls, “Apathy was everywhere. We gave a generation of weary downtrodden youth hope. It actually brought hippies, rednecks, bikers, warriors and regular people together … We were trying to make it through a rough time in history and help as many people as we could. And it worked.”

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rec-O-Tour Presents The Denver Mountain Parks

NOTE: Hey all!  I've decided to not continue the radio show--just too time consuming and the on-demand means of hearing it is no longer an option (either you heard the show live, or you were out of luck). So I've decided to get back into posting finds, via the blog.  

Narrated by B. Lee Pace, and accompanied by the organ of Alvyra Tuttle, I could have sworn this 1951 recording is much older, given the production.  Mr. Pace was a veteran Colorado Springs newspaperman and secretary to former Governor E . C . Johnson. According to an Internet search: "He is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and for more than 30 years was news editor of tho Colorado Springs News, a weekly farm publication. He later was a columnist and news writer for the daily Free Press in that city."

Alvyra Tuttle was apparently a local organist in the Springs. She passed away in 2004.

Rec-O-Tour released a few other recordings, all written by Elizabeth Jane Shafer, who was a member of the advertising staff of the Colorado Springs News, and a continuity writer for KVOR radio.

The records were shipped with "Kodachrome slides," to accompany the recording as a complete audio/visual presentation.

Rec-O-Tour Discography:

The Cave of the Winds (1948)
The Garden of the Gods (1948)
Seven Falls and South Cheyenne CaƱon (1948)
Pikes Peak (1948)
Carlsbad Caverns (1949)
Denver Mountain Parks (1951)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Radio Show - Episode 22 A-Z

Obscure Colorado vinyl recordings A-Z
Aired March 2 (Wed @ 10am) and March 6 (Sun @ 9pm) or 93.9 FM Colorado Springs

Action Brass
Livin’ The Good Life

Fred Baca
Let’s Go Bowling

The Chasers
Believe Me

Dead Silence
Can’t Stop

BC Eddington
Credit Card Blues

Four Shades
Yes Sir that’s My Baby

Time is All We Need

Chris Holloway
Come to Canon City

Del Ireland
A Different Place to Cry

Junk Yard Band
Big Fat Mama

Randy King
In Your Arms Again

Pete R. Laumbach
Burnt Toast

7th Star

My People

What’s on Your Mind
The Other Side of Time

Dan Potkonjak
The Auctioneer

Just Because
Los Rayos

Jerry Savoy
All that Really Matters

The Teardrops
You Go Your Way

Viva Brass

Warming Trend
I’ve Known Before

Robert Yelin
Embraceable You

You Set Me Up
Brian Ziegler

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Radio Show - Episode 21 Thirft Store Finds

We Dig Hard, So You Don't Have To
(Latest Thrift Store Finds)
Aired Feb. 24 (Wed @ 10am) and 28 (Sun @ 9pm) or 93.9 FM Colorado Springs

Runnin’ Wild
Sanders and McIntire

Dog Obedience Record
Dynamics of Denver

Just out of Reach
Del Ireland and the Country Swingers

Dizzy Fingers/ When Irish Eyes are Smiling
The Golden Bee
Tom O’Boyle on Piano

Gold Bar Rag
Max Morath

Liberation Woman
Crystal Palace at Aspen

Victim of Love
Hot Lunch

Leroy’s Dance Band

Rockplace Turnaround
Joint Effort

Life and Health – Your Creative Process
Dr. RJ Gonzales of Walsh Colorado

Hugh Sky Tighline Dodge commercial

Tick Tock Polka
Carl Zeller and his Band

The Poem
Pat Scott

Madam WM Andrews

Feeling Mighty Fine
Romero Gospel Trio


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Radio Show - Episode 20 Band Box

Band Box Show
Aired Feb. 17 (Wed @ 10am) and 21 (Sun @ 9pm) or 93.9 FM Colorado Springs

I want to also recommend Craig Swank’s blog, PopBopRockTilUDrop blog, where there is a pretty complete list of all of the Band Box recordings. 

Dummy the Duck
Daddy Ed’s Original

Rocket Ship
Jackie Lowell

Drums Fell off a Cliff
Ronny Kae

Brigitte Bardo
Bob and Shirley

Ding Dong
Chuck Mills and the Monarchs

Giuseppe’s Twist
Giuseppe’s Fabulous Delrays

King Kong
Orlie and the Saints

I’ll Step Aside
Lee Chandler

Ruby’s Stool
Bobbi Kae

A Mind of Your Own
Dewey Knight

Paper Heart
Embert Mishler

Life’s Not Worth Living
Warren Robbe

Lonesome and Blue
Ruff Family

Popcorn Twist
Nancy Kaye and the Echos

Fannie Mae
Mastertones featuring JD Scott

First Day of Your Life
The 4 Ms

When the White Lilacs Bloom Again
Leigh Baron

And When I Die
New Mobile Strugglers

Whip n’ Bill
Dick Dederick