Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Radio Show - Episode 17

Episode 17 – Thrift Finds
Air date: Jan. 27 and 31

The Kastles 
Life is What You Make It 

My Soldier is Back 
International Singers 

We’ve Come This Far By Faith 
The ABDA Trio 

I’m Gonna Keep on Holding on 
Reynolds Family Singers 

Neener Nawner (Parts one and two) 
Dry Jack 

Long Legged High Heeled Women 
Midnite Jammer Band 

Sweet Change 
Jim Oliver 

US Air Force Academy Symphonic Band 

 Jerry Granelli 

Rip it Up 
Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids 

I’m Not Surprised 

Spring Peepers 
Bob Lucas 

Cry Me a River 
Jack Harry 

Neil Diamond Medley 
The Innovations

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Radio Show Episode 16

Episode airs Jan. 20 and 24 (show available on demand for two weeks from last air date).

Thanks for listening to our all-jazz show!

Barry Wedgle

Les James Trio
Green Chili

Big Butter and Egg Man
El Jebel Shrine Syncopators

Billie’s Bounce
Colorado Jazz Party

Out of Nowhere
Walt Smith Trio

Jazz in the Mountains

Runnin’ Wild
Jazz in the Troc 1967

In a Mist
Lady Be Good
Jazz in the Troc 1969

In Flight
University of Colorado Jazz Ensemble

University of Northern Colorado
Jazz Lab Band I

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Radio Show Episode 15

Episode airs Jan. 13 and 17 (show available on demand for two weeks from last air date).

Little Girl Blue
And They’ll Know
The Don Lewis Experience

It’ll be Me
The Decades

Let Her Cry
Middle of the Road

The Farmer and the Bumble Bee
Tom Withrow  

Life in My Death
Nicky Cruz

The Big Bang
Ian Tescee

We Stand United
Sasa Di

Always Knew You’d Be There
Mel Vonne

Vic Cionetti

Coming Together

Make it Right
Daniel Hoffman

Ballad of Roger Sparks
Randy Handley

Floyd’s Song
Monroe Doctrine

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Radio Show Episode 14

All aboard!!

Episode airs Jan. 6 and 10 (show available on demand for two weeks from last air date).

All Steamed Up
Narrated by Howard Fogg
Estamae McFarlane

Casey Jones
Ozie Waters

Chattanooga Choo Choo
Colorado Sunshine Company

Tennessee Ghost Train
The Original Stablemen

Rueben’s Train
Mike and Fran

Rock Island Line
Sadie Green Sales

Cannon Ball Express
Kathy Kohls

Train to America
Ralph Harrison

Train of Mercy
Craig Satterfield

Life’s Railway to Heaven
Bob Mickey

Morning Train
Tim Bagwell

Gospel Train
Good Report

Hobo’s Meditation
Silver Ghost
Monte Mills

Waiting for a Train
Travis Mimms

City of New Orleans
 Dick Bodine

Narrow Gauge Line
Becky Ann